Timing in Psychic Readings


When will my lover contact me

How long until my lover returns? In a psychic reading, whether by phone or email, sometimes I am shown the date or day clairvoyantly.  I will tell you what I can see.  If I do not get a timing then I can only say if I sense the timing to be close or far away.

I would never give false hope and sometimes I can see the relationship is ended. I would rather tell the truth and let the client move on with there life.

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For two people to come back together after one or two breaks it is usually a recipe for disaster. They cannot work there problems out together and sometimes it takes a good listener to hear both sides ie a good marriage or relationship councillor.

Many people confuse “not being able to let go of a partner” as Love.  Nothing can be farther from the truth. It is fear of going it alone and bearing the pain of a break up. It is a slow and sore process but we all get there in the end, and heal.

Many relationships do work out with time and healing.  Where both partners listen to each other and start to communicate properly.  Truth being a vital ingredient.  After many years of psychic readings I must sound like an agony aunt but if a person is meant for you, then you will be together, no matter what.  Just do not confuse Love and possession as a right.

With Love and light

from Joan Lily 2019


Preparing For Work In The Psychic Industry


Many people ask me how to get started doing psychic readings online. The truth is we all have psychic abilities but we have to find our own way to develop a working method that is comfortable and original to only you. No two people work the same way unless they have been taught by someone else. Find your own way to work and supposing you start off staring at a candle to put your mind into a peaceful state this is the start of tuning into a higher vibration, by forgetting everything that is material around you.

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God is not to blame!


We have all loved and lost someone, The most natural event in our lives is to experience devastating loss. How cruel nature can be too, especially when some one is taken home to spirit, prematurely through illness. Children and animals with barely a chance on the earth plane. Where is God and why does he let this happen we all ask our selves. Is he there at all ?

I can report as a Psychic Medium that all illness leaves the deceased person, on waking in spirit and a new and healthy body replaces the old one. I do believe that a period of healing is required in the spirit realms when a person has experienced a traumatic death. The Angels help that person to realise, why they have woken up in spirit and to settle down to there new life. Our stay on the earth plane is very temporary and most of our lives are spent as spirit people. A lot of deaths too are man made through machinery, diet, chemicals etc etc so we cannot blame God for decisions made by man on earth.

I often wonder about diet. If we stuck to what was eaten and mentioned in the Bible would our health improve, also in the Wars when Britains inhabitants were at there healthiest, despite the rationing etc etc. It gives me a lot of food for thought. We always want someone to blame but we are here on earth to learn so God in his wisdom can be totally helpless at times.

If someone chooses to end there life or someone steps in front of a car, does God have to supply an Angel to save the day for each person. If that was the case and he supplied on demand then surely there would be no death, no eternal life, no immortatlity..

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Id be interested in anyone who would like to comment there thoughts on the above.

With Love and Light

Lily X

The 2014 Black Out


It was amazing to look out the door at 10pm last night and see every house in darkness with a candle burning. Amazing too how everyone took time to remember and pay respects to all those who had fallen in the Great War and All wars.,,.

It proves that we can all unite across the world forgetting all past indiscretions for a little while, to show love and respect to one another and the fallen, known and unknown to us.

There is still love in the world to All Men and it gives us hope for peace in the future but also the stark brutality of killing another person. Kill or be killed as in war.


Our Pets and Pain


I often wonder how a Vet decides on the intensity of pain an animal is in. When we are asked to choose a number from 1 to 10 well we can speak and they cant! so how do those vets actually know.

In the case of Stomatitis my cat Pompom was medicated with Metacam which was absolutely useless to numb the pain in her gums. My son checked up exactly what was in Metacam and it is basically an anti imflamatory with very little instant pain relief for intense pain.

As a result she lost weight everyday that she could not eat until we questioned the vet about something stronger to deal with the pain. She was put on Vetergesic 4 times a day and as soon as she started the treatment, within 10 minutes the pain killer had kicked in and she was able to eat.

The only problem we found was that if more than the 6 hours lapsed between treatments, she would go into horrific pain again. The Vetergesic was administered straight into the mouth because she could not eat food and after 10 minutes it seemed to numb everything up in the mouth for her.

I would advise anyone who is nursing a Stomatitis or Gingivitis Cat and is not happy with the pain relief they are receiving, to question your vet and if you feel you should be getting something stronger for your pet and you don’t get it, then find another vet who will supply you the necessary. Yes it is a position of trust for your veterinary surgeon to trust you with the drug because human addicts have been known to take it. Just find another vet who understands how painful the condition is. Cats are especially good in hiding there pain and of course they cant tell us. Apart from crying out or growling and total abstinence from food, you have to understand the disease and imagine toothache in every single gum. It is a horrific disease with no real and successful cure. Knowing what I know now I would have ended my cats misery before I agreed for operations to have teeth removed. Poor little lamb I pray often that Pompom will forgive me for keeping her going as long as I did, In the end she developed oral cancer after all the ops and pain she went through to try and rid her of the condition. You have been warned about the majority prognosis for those unfortunate animals.

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Love affairs built on sand.


We have all been through meeting someone new and feeling an intense attraction but don’t let your new love affair be built on sand. The Love and Commitment words are dubious if mentioned too early on in any relationship.

Give yourself a chance to test each other out and explore each others pasts and current habits and remove the rose tinted glasses and see each other, warts and all.

As a psychic reader I hear so many times how “he/she is my soul mate and the connection and attraction is so strong that we must be fated to be together.” For more reading go to my website at http://www.psychic-telephone.co.uk/love affairs built on sand

Psychic Schooling


Before you try joining a group for psychic development and awareness do try and sit in several if you can or at least ask for feedback from others who have attended.

Remember you are being brain washed into someone else ways, all be it unwittingly. Rightly or wrongly.

You will find your own way of meditation and tuning in with Spirit. You will find your own unique way of working too and no one can tell you how to do that. You are developing for guidance on how to work. There is no set way for any two people to work, except to close your eyes and see what happens, ie thoughts, pictures, colours, flashes of light..it is all correct… so enjoy sensing in your own way and do not let any one tell you how to think and feel.

With the best will in the world a teacher can get it wrong and maybe have been given wrong teaching his/herself when developing. Make sure your teacher is accredited in some way and not someone who has just set themselves up as a teacher.

I hear from many clients about how they joined a development group and felt the teacher was working from Ego and self importance…sit in a group where you feel that all is well and no one is a VIP..

Good Luck in your Choices

From Lily http://www.psychic-telephone.co.uk

My Dead Cats Visit


Yesterday while working a weight landed next to me but I couldn’t see anything, then the photo of my deceased cats started to move gently from side to side. I swear that’s what happened but just wonder why I cant see which cat it is. All I know is, she was big and heavy and my table vibrated with the landing. Who says cats don’t come home from Spirit and when they are dead they are dead. What utter nonsense.

To anyone suffering a pet bereavement please contact me for FREE because I would love to help you. You can contact me at http://www.psychic-telephone.co.uk 

Have a Prosperous Weekend one and all

Lily X 

Psychics Feedback


Yesterday a client came back to me for a one to one reading and shocked me with the accuracy of the last reading I did for her. I take no credit for that and I give full credit to my Spirit Guides and helpers, because without them I could not work.

I was amazed at how little I remember about her reading which told me I must be a trance medium where spirit take over the proceedings.

It was so lovely to hear that everything had come to pass just as I had apparently told her and good to get feedback about the reading. I feel strongly that leaving feedback should be kept until a few months later when the reading has a chance to unfold.

Too many people leave feedback too quickly on “the high, that being told what they want to hear” leaves them on, but 3 months later I wonder if they would leave that same feedback. I doubt it.

I had a reading myself by a psychic medium? and although it all sounded great, not one bit of that reading has come to pass and that was over a year ago…the mind boggles. Still we are not forced to buy a psychic reading. for more reading go to my website at http://www.psychic-telephone.co.uk

Have a great weekend everyone and if you are on your own get out there and say hello to even one person, It will make you feel better.

Brightest Blessings


Lily X